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Security Transformation requires a Security Fabric

As increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks pound the corporate network perimeter, Fortinet Security Fabric provide consolidated advanced security and deep visibility that protects the network from known and unknown threats.

Berndt Frogner
Channel Director North

Nutanix – världens bästa mjukvaruplattform för datacenter, enligt Gartner!

Tänk on du kunde använda ditt DataCenter som dom du använder det publika molnet. Kunna konsumera IT-resurser som om de vore molntjänster. Med Nutanix kan du åstadkomma detta och även utnyttja det publika molnet för det som är intressant. Vi visar konkret på hur du förenklar och gör besparingar inom virtualisering, lagring och framförallt administration.

Peter Eriksson
Sr System Engineer

Automated Endpoint Protection and the democratization of incident response

How do we confront the entire threat lifecycle to thwart the impact of attacks on endpoints?
SentinelOne has the defences you need to prevent, detect, and resolve known and unknown threats. By simplifying automated response to threats and making incident response possible for any size of organizations, SentinelOne covers the full life cycle of modern threats.

Nils von Greyerz
Systems Engineer


Varför nästa trådlösa säkerhetsstandard är välkommen och verkligen behövs! Är ditt nät säkert?

Trådlös säkerhet har varit debatterat ända sedan WiFi introducerades. Den senaste standarden som de flesta använder (WPA2), är inte mindre än 14 år gammal! Nu introduceras nästa generation trådlös säkerhet, WPA3. Vi berättar varför den behövs, och vad den innebär (och vad den inte innebär).

Jonas Mellander
Systems Engineer, Nordics and Baltics

Limitlessly Scalable Storage for Capacity-Intensive Computing

With Cloudian’s technology, you can built your own Cloud Data Service platform, just like AWS. It will give you the freedom, to run it on any x86 servers and/or in the public cloud, so you can shop after the best pricing and services. Thousand of applications can use this Data Service platform, out-of-the-box, and automation can be achieved by using RESTful API.

Ulrich Slothuus
System Engineer, Nordics

Lägg inte alla äggen i molnleverantörens korg

Jonas talar om vikten av riskspridning mellan molnleverantörer samt deras lösningar inombords, och hur Gemalto med standardbaserade lösningar möjliggör bästa möjliga –eller mest lämpliga- säkerhet, för företag i molnet, på väg till molnet eller kvar bakom brandväggen. Jonas kommer bland annat beröra nyheter i portföljen kring området IAM och skydd av nycklar.

Stephane Kunegel
Sales Engineer

How Infoblox Cloud & Ecosystem integration brings your Security to the Next Level

Your organization depends on your network. And your network depends on secure DNS and related core network services to run reliably and securely.

Infoblox brings next-level security, reliability and automation to cloud and hybrid systems, managed through a single pane of glass. This means your network—and your business—can run safer and faster with the high availability, efficiency and application response times you need to thrive in the hyperconnected world.

Having security up front is key to give customer confidence and highlight Infoblox core strength in security.  Speaking directly to the billions of threat indicators that can be operationalized and the more than 30 API-level integrations means Infoblox makes it easier to have tight integration between network and security, a key desire.

Niklas Carlström

Why insights and analytics are an imperative in a cybersecurity strategy.

Critical to achieving best value from your cyber security solutions is high quality, actionable insight and analytics, for both databases and applications.  The key to this value is the automation and orchestration of the threat detection in the first place. Ensuring that your choice of solutions provides global insight and actionable analytics into suspicious activity and insider threats means you can start to prioritize threats according to the level of criticality, and better secure your environment as a whole. You can’t hope to protect what you don’t know is happening.

Steve Smith
Regional Sales Director – Strategic Accounts

Strengthen security and optimize performance in your hybrid, public, and private clouds

Clouds help you go to market faster, save money, achieve scale, and gain flexibility. But traditional data monitoring techniques don’t work effectively in the cloud. Without complete data access, you are vulnerable to security attacks and don’t have all the data you need to maintain network and application performance. Cloud visibility lets you deploy public and private clouds with confidence.

Ronny Gahns
Sales Engineer

Stop endpoint attacks before they get started

An attacker must complete a sequence of events to steal information or run ransomware. And nearly every attack relies on compromising an endpoint. Traps disrupts an attack before it can infect an endpoint. By combining multiple methods of prevention, Traps stands apart in its ability to protect endpoints. It blocks security breaches and successful ransomware attacks that leverage malware and exploits, known or unknown, before they can compromise endpoints.

Andreas Persson
Sales Manager – Cyber Security Solutions, Nordics – Baltics – Eastern Europe
Palo Alto Networks

Why automation?

  • Simplify and automate network changes for heterogeneous environments physical and cloud
  • Rapidly implement network changes in minutes
  • Visibility across the entire network security-control topology including application dependencies
  • Automatic audit trail for easy audit preparation and troubleshooting
  • Security as part of the enterprise ITSM process
  • Centralized management for a wide variety of different vendors
  • Ensure security and compliance with built-in security controls

Patrick Johansson
Regional Sales Manager, Nordics


Gigamon is leading the convergence of network and security operations to reduce complexity and increase efficiency of security stacks. Our GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform is a next generation network packet broker that makes threats more visible – across cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments, deploy resources faster and maximize the performance of security tools.

Proofpoint gives you protection and visibility for your greatest security risk — your people.

We provide the most effective security and compliance solutions to respond to cyber attacks in every channel including email, the web, the cloud, and social media.

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