FireEye- August 14, 11:00 CET – Financial Services Webinar

Cyber threats plague the financial services industry:
• Advanced persistent threat (APT) actors seek to support economic reforms and reach state goals
• Financial threat actors seek financial gain through the direct theft of funds or the sale of stolen information
• Disruptive threat actors and hacktivists seek to gain publicity, divert banks’ attentions, or demonstrate a political motive

Any one of these threats would increase activity in an industry, but the presence of all three likely accounts for the large number of intrusions in financial services organizations.

Join us for a live video panel and get executive insights for critical topics relevant to the financial services industry, including the:
• Nature of threats, as well as their motivations and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)
• Ripple effect consequences of geopolitics
• Cost of a breach and importance of risk awareness in the boardroom
• Need to keep GDPR a high priority