Aerohive January Lead Gen Webinar | How Cloud & SDN will transform networks this year

Get your lead generation off to a great start in 2018 with the January 18th Free AP webinar – now live and ready to take registrations! This webinar will help prospects review the key benefits and characteristics of cloud networking – and compare clouds to find the right provider.

Everything has headed to the cloud – so why should Access Networks be any different? Our CWNEs will explore the scalability and simplicity benefits, and how to apply principles of SDN for radical simplification of both LAN and WAN:
• How cloud networking compares to previous fixed network approaches
• How to remove limitations and achieve faster deployment, simpler management and instant adaptability
• Comparing clouds for your network’s future – scalability, security and performance
• How to automate complex operations and dynamically change network behaviour based on activity
• What cloud-powered big data, AI and analytics could do for you
Registrants also get a copy of The Guide to Cloud Networking after the webinar, from Aerohive.

How to generate your URL to track leads in 3 steps
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1. Log into your partner account
2. Select URL generator under Marketing & Promotions, click “Partner URL Generator Link”.
3. Set your region, country from the available dropdowns to “Generate URL”
4. Use your URL to link your leads to your partner account.

Join the webinar here

18th January 2018 – 11:00 GMT (12:00 CET)

Get prepared for more leads in 2018! Keep a lookout for our upcoming webinars in Q1.
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