Break the Cycle of High Volume Encrypted Traffic

Did you know that decrypting SSL/TLS traffic multiple times in each security tool can cause significant performance degradation for your customers?

Join us to learn how Gigamon can help reduce security tool complexity and cost while improving responsiveness and security resiliency.

• Reduce the cost of security tools: Learn how to reduce complexity, eliminate tool overload and avoid unnecessary tool upgrades.
• Decrease time to threat identification: Improve responsiveness and security resiliency in high-speed 100Gb networks and redeploy tools from edge to core, where they see lateral attackers and information risk traversal.

Session 1
| November 28, 2017 | 8:00am PST / 4:00pm (GMT) / 5:00pm (CET)
Session 2
| November 28, 2017 | 5:00pm PST / 12:00 PM (Sydney) / 9:00 AM (Hong Kong)

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