Realise the Fortinet Advantage and Receive 50% Discount

If you uncover a potential opportunity but the customer needs more convincing, take advantage of CTAP, Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program which can reduce your sales cycle by 50%!

This program lets you deploy a FortiGate in your prospect’s network without interrupting their existing infrastructure. Keep the FortiGate there for up to 7 days, share the logs with Fortinet and you’ll receive a Cyber Threat Assessment report.

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Europol, the law enforcement arm of the European Union released the Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment 2017 report recently highlighting the epidemic growth of cybercrime by serious organised criminals, supported by a professional underground service economy.


These automated and sophisticated attacks against organizations, threaten the foundation of cloud and digital transformation critical to efficient business operations.

FortiGates are the core of the Fortinet Security Fabric, defending against known and unknown attacks to provide network security across the entire attack surface.

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall includes:

icon-benefit-shield-checkmark.svgMulti-layered security approach for comprehensive protection against advanced threats prevention of any single point introducing vulnerability in the network

icon-benefit-shield-checkmark.svgInnovative security processor (SPU) technology for high performance application layer security services (NGFW, SSL inspection, and threat protection)

icon-benefit-shield-checkmark.svgIndustry’s fastest SSL inspection engine to help protect against malware hiding in encrypted traffic

icon-benefit-shield-checkmark.svgIndependent third-party validation to demonstrate superior effectiveness and best price performance

icon-benefit-shield-checkmark.svgSingle pane of glass management to simplify deployment and enable consistent security policies with granular control and visibility across the network.

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