Aerohive – HiveManager Requirements for Device Deployment

Aerohive’s HiveManager and each of the networking devices managed by the HiveManager system operate together and are licensed to endusers and supported as a unified system. Each HiveManager system MUST be deployed and operated with a single, consistent Licensing/Subscription and Support offering for all managed devices connected to that HiveManager:

  • An Aerohive HiveManager system can only consist of Aerohive devices, Dell switches, Aerohive licenses & Aerohive support
  • A Dell HiveManager system can only consist of Dell or Aerohive devices, Dell licenses and Dell support

This is a requirement of Aerohive’s use license to end users and continued support. Therefore, end users must use each HiveManager with ONE of the following options, for EACH of the following requirements.

See PDF for detailed information.

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