FireEye – Top 5 Cloud Security Myths Debunked

Five years ago, almost every organization on earth appeared to be just weeks away from moving all workloads into the cloud—or at least it seemed that way. But reality has moved at a far more measured pace. Instead of a ubiquitous, all-in phenomenon, most organizations turned to a cloud-ish approach in which many new applications are developed on the cloud, but most older apps and infrastructure either stay put or have long-term migration plans.

So, the promise of moving to the cloud is alive and well; it’s just happening in slow motion. This means:
• Almost everyone is new at this.
• Developers are expecting to be unencumbered
by organizational process.
• Technology changes from month to month.

The combination of these factors creates a situation that is simultaneously exciting for organizations as they reap the benefits of the agility cloud solutions provide, and disconcerting because they are inexperienced with the cloud.

These positive and negative tensions have generated several myths about and around shifting business operations to the cloud.

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