Infoblox – November 6-8 – Secure DNS Config & Admin (SDCA) Course

Training on Infoblox DNS security products/components

This is a comprehensive course for team members responsible for implementation, administration, operations, or maintenance of the Infoblox Secure DNS products.


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Course description:
A special condensed class for experienced Core DDI users preparing to implement Infoblox Secure DNS. Learn how to secure your DNS infrastructure and protect your network from malicious attacks with Infoblox Secure DNS capabilities including DNSSEC zone signing and validation and on-premise DNS Firewall with Active Trust feeds, TIDE, Dossier, Advanced DNS Protection, and Threat Insight. Discover how to leverage the Infoblox Reporting & Analytics module to gain greater visibility into your DNS security activities and threats. Course attendees receive a seat in Infoblox Education’s Active Trust Cloud Config & Admin course, available as a separate virtual instructor-led class.


Day 1
• Introductions
• DNS Firewall Overview
• Local RPZ and RPZ Rules
• ActiveTrust RPZ Feeds
• RPZ Monitoring and Reporting

Day 2
• ActiveTrust TIDE
• ActiveTrust Dossier
• Threat Insight Introduction
• Configuring Threat Insight
• Threat Insight Monitoring and Reporting

Day 3
• ADP Overview
• ADP Appliance Configuration
• ADP Rulesets, Rules and Profiles
• ADP Monitoring and Reporting
• ADP Tuning

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