Palo Alto Networks – April 9, 09:00 CET – XDR Next Gen EDR

It’s time for EDR to give way to XDR where X is a far broader set of data that includes endpoint, as well as cloud, threat intelligence, network data, logging information and possibly even community data. This certainly isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of data feeds into XDR, but rather serves to highlight the point that more sources of data from more enforcement points lets the security team and technologies find more threats faster, and then block them.

XDR is really focused on providing value to the entire security team, there’s three things we picked out:

  1. Enable security teams to find stealthy threats faster with a combination of techniques designed to cater for both the most demanding of threat hunters and the those who can only dedicate short spurts or even no time.
  2. Automate the gathering and analysis of data to simplify investigations and lower the experience requirement needed to make decisions quickly.
  3. Offer response capabilities that do not just stop at remediation but allow the knowledge gained from one investigation to adapt your defenses.

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