Morpheus was born out of necessity and architected by DevOps and Cloud Computing practitioners for their own use. The platform originated inside of Bertram Capital, a San Mateo-based private equity firm with more than $1 Billion in capital and investments in dozens of portfolio companies.

In 2015, Morpheus Data was spun-out of Bertram and has quickly grown to what it is today, a stand-alone company serving some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies and Service Providers in the world. We offer IT leaders, CloudOps and DevOps teams capabilities they never thought possible: instant self-service provisioning across bare metal, VM, and containerized deployments spanning on-premises, hosted, and public clouds.

With built-in analytics, automation, and best-in-class integrations Morpheus provides a systematic solution to optimize resources, enable governance, accelerate workflows, and modernize applications.

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