Sentinel One

Safeguarding the way we live and work

A group of defense and intelligence experts saw savvy attackers compromising endpoints seemingly at will. Traditional approaches failed to provide sufficient protection. They founded SentinelOne to develop a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection. It’s one that applies AI and machine learning to thwart known and unknown threats.

Our team understands how much endpoints matter. When attackers come after our privacy, intellectual property, infrastructure, and collaborative modes of working, they assault more than just data. We’re under attack, and so are our values. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping our breakthrough platform ahead of threats from every vector. Gartner, NSS Labs, and industry leading organizations recognize that our approach sets us apart.

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Thursday February 7: Product Update and Roadmap for H1 2019

  • What’s new in Fuji (Management) and 2.9/3.0 Agents (Windows, macOS) and 2.7 (Linux)?
  • Get details about the exciting new response added to the product: Secure Remote Shell (Windows, macOS), the on-demand file fetch added to the Windows agent, and the StaticAI/DFI applied to documents.
  • And also Discover what’s coming next in Grand Canyon (MGMT) and 3.2 Agents (Windows, macOS) and 2.8 (Linux).

Thursday February 21st: Automated Investigation with Artificial Intelligence

Come see how a whole different type of endpoint protection is possible:

  • Eradicate benign alert noise, focus on what’s important.
  • Optimize threat hunting time with curated and focused story lines.
  • Maximize staff efficiency and let staff become expert threat hunters.